Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Junk to JUMP!

About five months ago I was by Lake Michigan climbing around on some rocks when suddenly I spotted a bike amoung the rocks, a GT racing bike. The cost of this bike was three hundred dollars! I was excited! I carried it up the rocks and put it in the back of our big white van to bring home.

There was just one problem: the wheels needed tires. So a couple days after I found it, my dad and I brought it in to a local bike shop to fix it up. Once I brought it inside the shop, the worker told me that the back wheel was badly bent and that it was unfixable.

I was really disappointed, but I put it back in the garage and forgot about it. Then when we started packing up everything for our move to Wisconsin, I saw it again. I thought, "What if that man was wrong, and it is still fixable?" I decided to keep it and try again after we moved.

Once we were all moved in, I met a family who had a neighbor who was my age and was a Christian. That was my new friend, Kevin. I had him over and once he saw my bike, he said, "Hey, that's a good bike!" Kevin knew how to fix up bikes, so he took a look at it. He noticed that the wheels needed new tires, so he offered to fix it up for me. I gave him money to buy new tires, and then I waited.

Kevin came back the next week with the equipment and in twenty minutes, I had a $300 bike for about $20! The wheel is bent a tiny bit, but you can barely tell. Later on, I also put pegs on it. Now I have a great racing bike!

Racing bikes are small, but that's how they're supposed to be!

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Pianomum said...

Congratulations for showing persistence toward your goal and actually accomplishing it!! Nice write-up, too! Love, Pianomum