Monday, November 17, 2008


One of my favorite seasons is autumn. The air of autumn is perfect because when you take a walk in a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, you don't freeze to death like you would in the winter, and you don't sweat so much that you have to take another shower. In the autumn, the temperature is just right. Also I think we will all agree that the autumn leaves on a tree are the most scenic part of the season. My favorite time of the year to be in the car is autumn because of all the colorful leaves that I can look at while we're driving. Of course, I also love taking walks in the autumn to look at all the beautiful, different-colored leaves. My favorite kind of leaves is the purple kind because that happens to be my favorite color, believe it or not. There are so many reasons why autumn is great!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Thirteenth Birthday Service of Blessing

Last Saturday my parents had a special service for me. We called it a bar mitzvah even though we're not Jewish; it's for a boy becoming a man. We invited some friends over that were either really good friends or someone that had known me since birth. For example, my relatives and grandparents came. After everyone had arrived, all the men went downstairs to my dad's office, while the women and children stayed upstairs with my mom.

During the service, we prayed and talked and read from the Bible. Speaking of Bibles, I received a Bible and some other items such as a rosary, a special prayer bracelet, a small crucifix, a cross that my dad blessed and an icon of the Holy Trinity. After the meeting with the men was over, everybody ate dinner, and everybody talked. Then, because I'm learning guitar, my uncle taught me some guitar chords and a song too! I had one of the best weekends ever!