Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Rodents

Last week I bought three cute little mice. I named mine Rita. The others were my mom’s (Gypsy), and my brother’s (Lucy). They’re all girls. I also had to buy the cage but I think it was worth it because the mice are so sweet. My brother and I put them into plastic balls to exercise. At first, they didn’t exactly know what was going on and they bit us when we tried to hold them. But once they got used to their new home, they stopped biting us and became very lovable.

Night is day for rodents and so they make a lot of noise when they’re exercising in their “exercise wheel." They’re so small that you can hold them in one hand, and they still have room to move around. Sometimes, when they don’t want to be picked up, we pick them up by their tails. And if you’re going to get one, I suggest only holding the front of the tail, not the end.

I also have a hamster named Sadie. Her and Rita look the same, they both are white with light brown spots. I think the mix is very pretty. Both my rodents are always wearing a cheery face. I like to hold Rita and immediately after hold Sadie to feel the difference. Sadie is much bigger because she is a hamster. My brother has a hamster named tawny and she happens to be a tawny brown. Tawny is the biggest rodent in the house. I will never get tired of my rodents.