Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!

A couple weeks ago, I performed in a show made up of all the Schoolhouse Rock songs. I was cast as a swing dancer in the song about gravity. It was a 50's-style song, so we wore letter sweaters and khakis, while the girls wore poodle skirts and button-up blouses.

The first week when I learned the dance, I got nervous. At call backs, they just showed us little kick step moves and that was easy, but when I learned that we had to flip these girls over our shoulders and do big moves like that, I was terrified!

So for a while, I just gave up. I thought eventually the directors might take me out of that number because I was doing so badly, but they didn't. Instead, the director came up to me and told me that I had to have the dance down by next week, and that scared me. So I went home with a friend, who also was a swing dancer, and he taught me all the moves correctly and when to do them in the song. I went home and practiced, and practiced, and practiced until I got the dance down cold. Oh, and I worked out . . . a lot. I needed to be able to lift my partner over my head.

So the next week, when I performed it in front of the directors, they were proud that I had it down. And so was I, because I learned that I can have fun with the dance if I got it down first. I ended up having a great time in that show and now, I miss doing that dance!